Nov. 4th, 2012

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Thank you for writing something for me. I'm sorry this is so late. With the exception of the do-not-like stuff, please take any and all of this as optional suggestions only, and do what works for you. Not all of the stuff I like, for instance, may be applicable to all the fandoms I've requested; choose what makes sense to you.

Do not like: darkfic in general, incest, humiliation, NC-17 for either violence or sex (no moral objections, it's just not what I enjoy reading), blatant out-of-characterness, rape/dubcon, Christmas themes (again, not opposed to their existence in general, just not Christian myself). 

Enjoy in particular: snappy dialogue, families of choice, playing with language, cuddling, people being competent at their work/what they do, scenes from everyday life.

By fandom (characters):
The Steerswoman Series (Steffie): Maybe Steffie in Alemeth after Rowan and Bel have left, learning what he might need to know to be a steersman and working at balancing that with the very different way the town knows him? Or, while futurefic is hard for this series, Steffie back with Rowan and Bel or taking his own part in their quest, as long as it's consistent with the themes and atmospheres of the books so far. 

Young Wizards (Nita, Kit, Carmela): I've had Nita and Kit in the back of my head since I was nine or ten; I like them as friends and wizardry partners, as a couple, at the overlaps. The two of them on a very ordinary errantry, maybe, and/or (if it's all right to mention characters not requested--if it isn't, ignore this) Nita and S'reee having girl talk, or something about Kit's family--we know they speak Spanish at home, but I've always thought it would be fun to see their ethnicity developed more. In New York, in high school, in the future if you like. 

Fire and Hemlock (Ann Abraham, Ed Davies): I'm an amateur musician myself and would like to see Ann and Ed (and Sam? I'm not sure how he didn't end up in there) interacting through music--in their orchestra days when they met Tom, as conservatory students, with the quartet, whatever. Specifically magical events or only mundane ones, either way, but maybe a sense of the complicated interactions between people who work together intimately and may or may not be intimate in their private lives? Or maybe something about the families they come from? Ann might be Jewish, Ed's name sounds Welsh, Sam's family might have been Polish refugees...or not.

Anyway, as above, please take from this what you see fit; this is my first Yuletide and the idea of somebody writing anything for me is enough to make me happy. Many thanks.


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