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Amended from past years:
Thank you for writing something for me. With the exception of the do-not-like stuff, please take any and all of this as optional suggestions only, and do what works for you. Not all of the stuff I like, for instance, may be applicable to all the fandoms I've requested; choose what makes sense to you.

Do not like: darkfic in general, incest, humiliation, NC-17 for either violence or sex (no moral objections, it's just not what I enjoy reading), blatant out-of-characterness, rape/dubcon, Christmas themes (again, not opposed to their existence in general, just not Christian myself).

Enjoy in particular: snappy dialogue, families of choice, playing with language(s), cuddling, work (in all definitions) and people being competent at it, futurefic, scenes from everyday life.

I tend to prefer genfic, but have no objection at all to background romance/relationships, or even a slow-burn romance fic with a high gen ratio, as it were. Any pairing (m/f, m/m, f/f, threesome, you name it) is fine as long as you can make me believe in it.

By fandom (characters):

The Story of Owen
I love Siobhan, her tenacity and her sense of humor and her music—as an orchestra geek myself I would be delighted to read a completely music-focused fic. I like Courtney and Porter, and I’d like to see what Prairie Fire looks like through their eyes. Kaori only gets a little bit of pagetime, but I like her “bass clarinet” low-key wry steadiness, and if you are reasonably well versed in Japan stuff I’d like to know more about her. I’d like to know how Sadie sees Lottie’s efforts to change the paradigm, and where she goes with it after the books. If it’s any of the other characters who catch your interest instead, I have no specific prompts but I’m good with anything you want to write about. Futurefic is always good, whether it’s two days or twenty years later (or both). I am not Canadian but I enjoy the emphasis on Canadian-ness which is part of the worldbuilding, so go to town if you want to.

Tam Lin
Molly Dubois, Christina
I’d like to read more about Molly and Tina, either during or after the book. Epistolary fic between them might be fun, whether they’re discussing events of the book or catching up on their lives thereafter; or maybe Janet and Molly and Tina at a college reunion? What happens to them—does Molly stay with Robin, and how do they make that work if so? Tina is kind of a normal person who spends her whole college life with weird people, if you’ll pardon the expression (speaking as a weird person myself); how does that affect her outlook thereafter? (For some reason, my headcanon for Tina is that she comes out as lesbian or bi after college—maybe she and Susan were having a nice private relationship senior year alongside folkdancing—and if you want to pick up on that, great; if you see her differently, do your thing instead, no problem.) Any other characters you want to bring in are fine too, as long as the general focus of the fic is on Molly and Tina.

Vorkosigan Saga
Ivy Utkin, Blaise Gatti
I like slice-of-life and workplace stories, and I want to read about Cordelia’s staff doing their thing. Blaise actually going to a classroom full of ten-year-olds to try a press release on them would be fantastic to read about; or Ivy being a bad-assed middle-aged lady paperpusher in any number of ways; or something caseficcy about the two of them combining to sort out some uniquely Sergyaran issue without bothering Cordelia. If you want to bring in Admiral Jole’s staff, or the Cetagandan kid condemned to plumbing, or anybody else relevant, that’s good too.

Ookiku Furikabutte
Kyohei Akimaru
I love Akimaru’s easy-going competence and calm off the baseball field, with a perspective that seems entirely different from that of the rest of the baseball boys, and his clear view on himself and others with a twist of ironic humor, and the way it all disintegrates when he’s actually playing. I will read just about anything Akimaru-centric you want to write. Any other characters are fine too, as you please (but maybe not a focus on Akimaru/Haruna as the main event of the fic?)

Navis Haddson
Navis is a favorite of mine--cool-headed, sarcastic, laid-back, but also deeply invested in his time and his people. I’d love to see him building the new Dalemark during Mitt’s reign, whether taking on the big problems or handling little ones. I like logistics and bureaucracy and urban planning and all that good stuff; tell me about Navis the bureaucrat. Or about family: what drew him to his second wife in the first place? Does he ever miss anyone he knew in the South? Does he think of Mitt as a son, a liege lord, a colleague, a friend? How much of the Southern religious belief does he share, and how does he balance religion with his generally super-pragmatic and realistic attitude? etc. etc. Other characters from the tag set would also be welcome; feel free to bring in anyone you’d like.

In general, write what you'll enjoy writing and I'll look forward to reading it!


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