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Amended from past years:
Thank you for writing something for me. With the exception of the do-not-like stuff, please take any and all of this as optional suggestions only, and do what works for you. Not all of the stuff I like, for instance, may be applicable to all the fandoms I've requested; choose what makes sense to you.

Do not like: darkfic in general, incest, humiliation, NC-17 for either violence or sex (no moral objections, it's just not what I enjoy reading), blatant out-of-characterness, rape/dubcon, Christmas themes (again, not opposed to their existence in general, just not Christian myself).

Enjoy in particular: snappy dialogue, families of choice, playing with language(s), cuddling, work (in all definitions) and people being competent at it, futurefic, scenes from everyday life.

I tend to prefer genfic, but have no objection at all to background romance/relationships, or even a slow-burn romance fic with a high gen ratio, as it were. Any pairing (m/f, m/m, f/f, threesome, you name it) is fine as long as you can make me believe in it.

By fandom (characters):

Steerswoman Series—Rosemary Kirstein (Steffie, Zenna)
This is the request I make every year, and I still want it. What were Steffie and Zenna doing after Rowan and Bel left Alemeth? I’d love to see Steffie learning how to be a steersman from Zenna and also working to balance his ambitions with how the people of Alemeth have always seen him. Maybe casefic of some kind for the two of them, either something happening in Alemeth or something old that emerges as they sort the archives? (I selected these characters as the two I’d most like to read about, but would also be especially happy to read about Reeder and Ona, particularly after the events of the series so far.)

Dalemark Quartet—Diana Wynne Jones (Navis, Alk)
Navis and Alk are both favorites of mine—cool-headed, sarcastic, laid-back, but also deeply invested in their troubled times and in the people they care about. I’d love to see them (separately or working together) building the new Dalemark during Mitt’s reign, whether taking on the big problems or handling little ones. I like logistics and bureaucracy and urban planning and TRAINS and all that good stuff, which I suspect they both spent a lot of time on; tell me about the things they made. Or about family: what drew Navis to his second wife in the first place? Does he ever miss anyone he knew in the South? Do Alk’s daughters grow up to work on his trains with him?
Other characters from the tag set would also be welcome, especially Kialan, Dagner, or Biffa; feel free to bring in anyone you’d like.

Ookiku Furikabutte (Kyohei Akimaru)
I love Akimaru’s easy-going competence and calm off the baseball field, with a perspective that seems entirely different from that of the rest of the baseball boys, and his clear view on himself and others with a twist of ironic humor, and the way it all disintegrates when he’s actually playing. I will read just about anything Akimaru-centric you want to write. Any other characters are fine too, as you please (but maybe not a focus on Akimaru/Haruna as the main event of the fic?)
Also: if you happen to have offered Nishihiro and Oki and would rather write about them, that would be lovely too! Friendship or slash or you name it; pretty much anything.

Nodame Cantabile (Yasunori Kuroki)
Okay, so I’ve always had a thing for oboe players. Seriously. I fall in love with Kuroki every time I read this manga—a terrific musician, quiet, serious but not humorless (when told to dress up like Mozart’s era, he takes it in his stride while Chiaki is still sputtering), and so sweet. I’d love to see a musical adventure of some kind for Kuroki, ideally in the Paris part of the manga, with Tanya (in whatever sense) if you like or not if you’d rather not, serious or silly (but not slapstick, please). I’m an amateur orchestra player and will be delighted with as much music as you can fit in, but if you’d rather not have the fic center around music, go ahead and tell me another story too.

Anyway, as above, please take from this what you see fit; I’ve made some fairly specific requests/prompts, but as long as you’re kind enough to observe the do-not-like list, I’ll be delighted to read whatever you wanted to write. Many thanks.
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