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Amended from last year’s letter:
Thank you for writing something for me. With the exception of the do-not-like stuff, please take any and all of this as optional suggestions only, and do what works for you. Not all of the stuff I like, for instance, may be applicable to all the fandoms I've requested; choose what makes sense to you.

Do not like: darkfic in general, incest, humiliation, NC-17 for either violence or sex (no moral objections, it's just not what I enjoy reading), blatant out-of-characterness, rape/dubcon, Christmas themes (again, not opposed to their existence in general, just not Christian myself).

Enjoy in particular: snappy dialogue, families of choice, playing with language(s), cuddling, people being competent at their work/what they do, scenes from everyday life.

I tend to prefer genfic, but have no objection at all to background romance/relationships, or even a slow-burn romance fic with a high gen ratio, as it were. Any pairing (m/f, m/m, f/f, you name it) is fine as long as you can make me believe in it.

By fandom (characters), in no particular order:

Bad Girls Series—Cynthia Voigt (Mikey, Margalo, Hadrian, Tanisha)
Because one of the best-done things about this series is the way the characters mature with each book while remaining themselves, I’d like to see that taken a step further with futurefic—maybe a slice of life set shortly before their high school graduation? As well as Mikey and Margalo, I’ve named Hadrian and Tanisha because they feel interesting to write about, but if you want to introduce other characters as well (friends, family, etc.) I would be delighted with ensemble fic in general.

Dancing Meteorite Series—Anne Mason (Kira, Ertrex, Aldrak, Morgan Everett)
I am absolutely convinced that this series was actually supposed to be a trilogy, with a third book that never appeared. There are too many loose ends—what actually is Kira’s biological parentage, and how does it relate to her linguistic gifts, her small size, her solitary upbringing, her fear of the dark? What will the Guirshaan pull next? What about Commander Ertrex’s explorership? Does Kira ever get back to her original team of classmates? And so on. Definitely not asking you to write a novel in 1000+ words, but if you wanted to hint at something of what happens next, that would be great—or if not, anything that interests you about this series, missing scene, future, or backstory. I’ve named Kira as the main character, Ertrex because I enjoy his combination of snark, angst, and authority, and Aldrak and Morgan because, as the two medics, they might have interesting roles to play (or at least have interesting talks together).

Shadow of a Hero—Peter Dickinson (Letta, Biddie, Steff, Van)
Given that the action of this book takes place just as the Iron Curtain came down, Letta would now be in her thirties and her brothers in their fifties. What’s happening to them now? Did Varina achieve independence, and how is it doing? Where did Letta choose to live and work? (I threw in Biddie because I like her so much, and would be happy to see her and Letta still friends, or, if you feel like femslash, in an established relationship.) How and where did Van get his life restarted after the events of the book? Did he and Steff ever reconcile their differences? What goes on inside the quiet, self-controlled Steff? Any or all of the above…

Steerswoman Series—Rosemary Kirstein (Steffie, Zenna)
What were Steffie and Zenna doing after Rowan and Bel left Alemeth? I’d love to see Steffie learning how to be a steersman from Zenna and also working to balance his ambitions with how the people of Alemeth have always seen him. Maybe casefic of some kind for the two of them, either something happening in Alemeth or something old that emerges as they sort the archives? (I selected these characters as the two I’d most like to read about, but would also be happy for any of the others nominated, especially Will, Corvus, Reeder, or Fletcher; whatever you decide you’d like to write about.)

Marlows—Antonia Forest (Tim, Miranda)
One of my favorite scenes from the series is the chapter in The Attic Term where Tim and Miranda compose the carol, amid a discussion of religion and, as Forest would put it, family huha; I like the thoughtful way they approach tough subjects and the methods they’re evolving of finding common ground between their very disparate personalities. I’d like to see them working together on something else, serious or silly, deliberately or by chance, you name it. Feel free to throw in any other nominated characters (or others you’d like to write) as you please.

Snow Queen—Joan Vinge (Gundhalinu, Jerusha)
These two get put through so much hell in the books, I’d like to see a relatively un-agonizing episode for them (not that a little judicious hurt/comfort would be amiss)—casefic of some kind while they’re still working together as Blues, or just the two of them going out for breakfast after a night shift and chatting, for instance. Either way, I’d love a story that turns on the multiple cultures and languages involved.

Anyway, as above, please take from this what you see fit; I’ve made some fairly specific requests/prompts, but as long as you’re kind enough to observe the do-not-like list, I’ll be delighted to read whatever you wanted to write. Many thanks.
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